RE frame work pdf extraction

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am not getting output in excel file. (2.5 MB)

can you please check the flow & solve my isssue

what fields you have to extract

invoice, date, customer id, total

i checked your workflow
remove write range from trasnaction state
and use append range actvity after add data row

hereby attached workflow please check
ReFramework_PdfAutomation (2.5 MB)

still can’t get the data

then its not extracting the data i think use message box after extracting and check it comes or not

data is extracted but not saved in excel

ReFramework_PdfAutomation (2.5 MB)

please check this workflow

still can’t save the data in excel

check the variables and argument its passed correctly or not
because u created variables and also arguments in the extraction workflow i removed the variable because it will be clashed.

check the value is extracted and displayed in the log message or not

ReFramework_PdfAutomation (2.5 MB)

Please try this one
Your arrguments and variables are clashed …Thats why it returning null

still can’t get the data what can I do