RPA Challenge--Invoice Extraction using Re-FrameWork

Hi Guys,
I want to work on the RPA challenge i.e Invoice Extraction and want to use the Re-Framework for that:
Here is what I am thinking of:
1.Initially extract the data and place tha data in a datatable
2.call a row from the datatable to queue and get transactions one by one and compare with column in the web page and click on the download button to extract the PDF values
3.Later the extracted values are assigned to the same data table and this should be set to the queues for get transactions and finally should put that value in an csv file and should get uploaded .

I have successfully did that using state machine and very new to reframework so I am getting confuesd like how to do it can any one help me out in this?

https://rpachallengeocr.azurewebsites.net/--this is the page

if any one has done this before please share me the file I will look into it

I hope you are good with reframework as well if you done that with state machine. But you need to understand the flow. In the init workflow, you can send the transaction items to orchestrator and you will get the transaction items one by one in the Get Process activity. So, you need to use that item in the process transaction workflow and do the requirement there. That’s it.

Have u done this project if yes please help me to resolve this