How to extract data table from web application?

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I have data in web application as below.
AccountNumber, Server
45678 xyc
78592 cbc
45825 taxx
96351 mxx
how to extract could you please help me on this.
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HI @Raghu_km

Have you tried data scrapping?


Hi @Raghu_km

Hope this is useful.


Hi @Raghu_km

To extract data from a web application in UiPath, you can use the Data Scraping feature. Here are the steps:

  1. Open UiPath Studio and create a new project.
  2. Use the “Open Browser” activity to navigate to the web page where your data is located.
  3. Once the web page has loaded, use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract the data. To do this, click “Data Scraping” in the “Design” tab of the UiPath Studio ribbon.
  4. In the “Data Scraping” wizard, select “Extract structured data” and follow the prompts to select the data on the web page you want to extract. You can use the “Next” button to go through the pages of data and select the columns you want to extract.
  5. Once you have selected the data you want to extract, the wizard will generate a table with the extracted data. You can then use the “Output Data Table” activity to save the table to a file or variable.

In your specific case, it looks like you have two columns of data, “AccountNumber” and “Server”. You can use the Data Scraping wizard to extract both columns by selecting them during the column selection step. The resulting table can then be saved as a CSV file or manipulated using other UiPath activities.


Hi Sudharsan, Yes I tried e-commerce applications it was working but when i try to extract data from my company applications this method is not working for me .


Can you use ui explorer and show the selector you see for the table or a cell in the table in the website you are trying to automate


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