Extract Data from Webtable


Am trying to extract data for row 0 and multiple columns from webtable.

I need to extract the highlighted datas and store them in a variable.
Am new to uipath, anyone can help me with this?

Use get text activity and assign it to variables @anushreebehura

hi @anushreebehura

Are you able to extract data via DataScrapping

where we can first indicate the Execution price

Ashwin S

@AshwinS2 yes i can do data scrapping but is there a way to directly fetch the data from webtable as we know the row number and column name. With data scrapping, we have to take the data to excel and read it from there, right? or is there any other way of doing it?

@anushreebehura,Data Scraping output is datatable.You need not write it to excel file.Iterate the datatable using for each row and use get row item activity to extract specified row number and column name

@sreekanth , will it work id the coloum position changes from time to time?

Mention the column name instead of position in get row item if it changes @anushreebehura