How to extract data from web page fields and save in excel using Re Framework?

Hi All,

I have one use case : Get data from RPA Challenge Stock Market. And write in Excel Using Re Framework.

Link : RPA Stock Market

I have to extract highlighted data. (Exenon UI Pharma, Dollar Value , Last
Updated value)

Can some one help me with the workflow?
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

the reframework (as it is constructed, without modification), is especially useful for transactional processes.

If you only need to extract the labels shown on that single page, you can do without it.

Alternatively, using ref, in the init you open the web page, change the type of the transaction item so you have a single transaction, and within the process you read that data.

In the end state, you write the excel file.

I would ask you to provide more details for a more accurate answer.

What does it mean exactly?


So I’ve to extract these values from that website(RPA Stock Market)


I’m able to do without Re-Framework.

But Requirement is I have to implement Re-Framework.

I’ve put the same code inside Process Workflow. And open browser activity inside initAllApplication workflow.

But I’m facing this error

So I’ve commented that workflow(SetTransactionalStatus). But still facing same error.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

In your workflow arguments change the data type from Queue item to data row. it will resolve the problem, the data you are sending is not matching with the expected


Yes I have changed everywhere but still it is showing same error


Can you please send the workflow if possible. I’m trying so hard but facing errors.

Could you share the set transaction status xaml and show me the arguments.