Convert Leaner Process To REF

I Have a question Guys…

I have to do a process using RE-Framework that will:

  1. Extract data from a specific portal and write it to excel file.

  2. Read this excel file and copy data of specific column and paste all data column as text split by space in another portal that will check duplicate with our system.

  3. Then, if something appear as duplicate I’ll extract it and delete it from our excel and create excel sheet in the same excel file that contain unique data that is not duplicated.

I Have all these processes is ready as leaner processes, but how I will use REF to add these processes, ExtractData.xaml-CheckDuplicate.xaml

What I Have to add it to InitAllApplications state and Get Transactions state,
Knowing that will appear as single transaction, so how I will do that ?!

In init all process initialize your website i.e your portal and in case there is log in process you can do that here

In get transaction Data get each item from your data table i.e transaction item

In process , perform all the automation you want to perform

you can refer this for knowing more about REF



  1. In init …perform logins if you have separately
  2. Get transactiondata remove queue related activities and change treasnactionitem to String and then use if to make it linear using in_TransactionNumber =1 …on then use out_TransactionItem = "Anything" and on else side assign Nothing
  3. have all your process in process xaml


should I use queue in Orchestrator to add this specific column as transactions,

it around 600 hundred records, is it OK ?

I’ll try this way sir, Thank you for reply

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yes you can use queues