How to enter Password into a password field

I have set up an activity where an application will be open and a password prompt pops. I have the “Getpassword” activity, but I am unsure how to enter the text into the box. When I try the type into activity, nothing comes up.


So after further testing, the variable I have assigned to the Get password activity isn’t being passed down to the type into activity. When I set static text in the input properties, it will type it. However, when I set the variable, it wont type it.

Fine no worries
May I know from where you are getting the lassoes
— if you have the password to be encrypted
Then pass that as input to the Password property of the get password activity
— the get the output with result property with a string variable
— now we can use type into activity and mention that string variable so that it will type the password to the field
Make sure that properties like clickbeforetyping, simuulatetype, emptyfield proeprties of type into activity is enabled

Hope this would help you
Cheers @SSJCalzana

@Palaniyappan To answer your question, I have learning via UIpath RPA academy. I did try what you suggested but no luck:

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Hi. Have you tried using ‘Type Secure Text’ activity?

@kaydine.santuyo Yes I have. But I wasn’t able to get it to enter text into the text field.

May I know from where you are getting the password
Or is it hard coded
Cheers @SSJCalzana

@kaydine.santuyo It was hard coded into a password activity and passed as a variable to the input text.

Use Get Password activity, enter password into password property .
Password property will show password in encrypted format.
Create one string variable and assign that to result property. It will store the password.
Use type into activity and pass that variable into type into activity.

Hope this will work

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