How can I use variable into password field on "Get password" activity?

I tried to input variable into password field on Get password activity but it can’t run correctly. How can i use variable into password field?

Get Passwordアクティビティの中にあるPassword入力フィールドに変数を入れたいと思っています。


HI @tomo007,

You can’t pass a variable in the get password activity’s password field, that field takes the input what ever we give as a password, Instead you can use the get credentials activity if you have orchestrator or securestring type variable to get your work done.

Shiva Karthik

Thank you!
I pick the way up to use securestring type variable.
How can I assign string type chracter to securestring type variable?

Hi @tomo007,

1. String to SecureString
SecureString theSecureString = new NetworkCredential(“”, “myPass”).SecurePassword;

  1. SecureString to String

string theString = new NetworkCredential(“”, theSecureString).Password

Shiva Karthik

But it can’t run when it contains variable into parameter.
How to write in this case??

SecureString theSecureString = new .networkCredential(“”, str_variable).SecurePassword