Impossible for GetPassword activity to use a variable as input for password property?

Hi everybody,
I am using GetPassword activity, and trying to have a variable passed to the password property (input) of that activity. This does not seem to work, which is weird.
Any suggestions to an alternative? Of course I need to parameterize my workflow, so I wont have to rebuild the robot every time the password has to change.

The only reason I need the GetPassword activity, is because I am passing the encrypted password to a nonsecure database connecton string (DatabaseConnect activity)



Sore the credentials in the Uipath Orchestrator asset and “Get Credential” activity

Thank you but that would not work. The Get Credential activity gets a securestring, and you cannot pass a secure string to the database connect string. When you use the GetPassword to encrypt a password, the output of that activity can be passed as an obfuscated string to the database connect activity.
I do not want to send a password in clear text of course.

Hey @Mikkel_Nielsen,

thats true but when using Get Password the activity only returns thet password, if it is executed on the same user as it was developed because it get encrypted at user level.

To get around you can use Get Credential as @MuralidharVankamaddi mentioned to retrieve a SecureString. This SecureString can be converted in an String using System.Net.NetworkCredential.

Example (in vbnet):

var test = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", securePassword).Password;


You can also use Request Credentials from the “UiPath.Credentials.Activities” package to request the credentials from user and save it as as string variables.



Thanks but if you convert a securestring to a string that would imply sending the password in clear text which I have stated is not an option (and should never be)…

Also as I initially said, I need to parameterize, so user interaction is not part of this process.

You are right, storing sensetiv information in normal Strings can be insecure.

But if you use “Get Password” the resulting string is in plaintext too.
It is only secure if you want to handover this workflow to another person.
This person cannot retrieve your password which also means, that the workflow is also unable to connect to your database.

I quickly created a little test to show you how the password is stored from “Get Password”:

The database password is send as plaintext (but the connection is normaly SSL secured). A little exception to the rule: if you are using windows authentication (TSQL) the database will query the AD-Controller to check if you have access to the database.

Storing credentials as an asset or as generic info in Windows Credential Manager is the best way to archive more dataprotection and protect your password.

If you dont trust them you can use UiPath.Cryptography.Activities too store the password in an encrypted format of your choise.

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Hi Lunk
Thank you for elaborating.
I see how the password is available at runtime in your example, even though “Private” option is selected.

I guess I should explain why I want to encrypt the password. I am connecting to an Oracle DB you see, so not using standard Windows or AD credentials. My credentials are stored in Orchestrator, and I retrieve them as SecureString with the GetCredentials activity.
I want to send this password, as a parameter, to the UiPath DatabaseConnect (to Oracle TNS database) but I do now want to send the password in clear text, as I dont know that UiPaths Oracle connection to the database is sent via SSL, do you know if that is the case?

Best regards, Mikkel

EDIT: I know how to convert a SecureString to String, I just dont want to pass it along an unsecure line.

Hello people.

I’m a beginner at Uipath.

Please help me if possible.

I’ve done 4 robots and they need to connect to an oracle database.
However, for company security reasons, the password to connect to the bank changes every 3 months. And as I already made 4 robots and there will be others, I would like to know if it is possible to put the data “user and password” in Excel and take it using a variable to fill in the Connect activity? How to do this?

I thank you in advance for being able to help.Oracle