How to enter password manually using type into activity?

i am trying to enter the password using the type into activity but i cannot.


Create Secure String variable and then Use Type Secure Text Activity to type password.

I need to directly give for practice purpose, could you help me on this @lakshman


Then use Type Into Activity and mention password in double quotes.

What error are you getting here ? Could you please help me with screenshots of Type Into Activity and it’s properties. Will check it and update you.

in the flow username is correctly filled and then clicked next button sucessfully but in password sometimes filling and sign in button sometime click sometimes not clcick @lakshman


Could you please check click Before, Empty Field in properties of that Type Into Activity and then try once.

in the above case password entered through type info activity but sing in button not clicked

@lakshman can you help me on this

@Tamilarasanaccet there is an alternative for that use input dialog at first save the output as password,

  • use type into activity to enter the password and in that give the password variable.
    hope this helps you.

@venkatmalla6 that only i tried by assigning to the password to the variable but not working

@venkatmalla6 password entered correctly but the sign in button not pressed


Could you please check either Simulate Type or SendWindowMessage in properties of that Click button Activity the one used to submit button.

@lakshman hi bro if Simulate Type is checked means password entering but not selecting the sign in button
if i check sendwindowsMessage means it doesnot entering the password itself


Is it possible to access that site from my end ?

If yes then please share that workflow with me. Will check it once.

Sequence1.xaml (8.8 KB)

@lakshman if you find solution for that workflow issue kindly let me know bro

@Tamilarasanaccet Sequence1.xaml (9.1 KB) have a look at this buddy it is working for me.let me know if any thing goes wrong.

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@venkatmalla6 not working bro

@Tamilarasanaccet even if the issue again raised use delay activity before the click activity of signin.

@Tamilarasanaccet just try with delay activity it is working for me,even you can uncheck the send window messages also it is working absolutely fine for me.