Web Scrapping across multiple pages

I am trying to scrape data from multiple pages but the issue is that there is no next/arror w button like below
image .
When three dots are clicked then the next set of pages load.
Can anyone advise what should be the best approach to automate this?

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Hi Mate,

Can you tell me in details what type of data you want to scrap ?

Thanks and regards
Sahil Garg

Hi Sahil,

I wan’t to extract data from website https://www.osiptel.gob.pe/indicadorccpp/ from tables and inside tables there are many tables.


You can use Data Scraping feature in uipath studio.

First- Select Data Scraping.
2) Select the first column name in the table .
3) after that a option will come for next page scraping , Press Yes .
4) Delay for little by pressing f2, load the second page .
5) select the column of second page.

You will get a Extracted table , which you can use as per your requirements.

Hope this helps you.


Bro its not clicking on second page.Also i need to traverse through last page,any solution for that?

Hello @rkrahul5565,

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Yes there is a solution for traversing, you can use while loop and increment the aaname and innertext in the selector dynamically.

Thanks & Regards,
Raj Parsana


Hello @raj.parsana, What should be the logic when page 10 is reached as after that three are three dots that needs to be clicked for next set of pages

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Hello @rkrahul5565,

I will prepare solution and will post soon.

Thanks & Regards,
Raj Parsana


Thanks @raj.parsana j.parsana

Really not trivial case - I’d use the data extraction in a loop, invoking the JS like the links with page number as loop counter, after this merge the extracted data tables. I think a wrapper workflow for the paging function page and table as arguments would be handy.

Can you please share a sample xaml for that?