How to scrap multiple pages with many buttons page

Hi there,

this is my first message here. I heard about data scraping one week ago… So I’m trying UIStudio Path in trial mode. I’m a really rookie, so please be patient.

I followed step by step instrUctionS of this video by Marcelo Cruz
UiPath - Web Scraping (Full Tutorial)

I success to build an autoamtion fto extract data from this web site:

As you see at the bottom of the page site has a row with many buttons:

  • 5 buttons for first 5 pages
  • button for next page
  • button for next 5 pages
  • button for last page

So, as described in video I added a Extract Table Data in main sequence and I choosed Multiple pages option;

This is what I have after I have selected “next button”

If I confirm UIPathStudio doesnt work for maximum 4 pages I set before and give me data of only 15 products;

What is my mistake?


Please watch this vedio you got some idea

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Use Extract DataTable activity.
Enable it for next page and give selector for next 5 pages.
Disable cv/image selector from next page

click on the next button and give an appropriate anchor which does not change as you go from one page to another

For example something like this,


you can use while loop ,
while loop output will be index you can use that with scrapping
use if activity inside while loop to check page index .
if (index+1) mod 5 = 0 then click next button ,
and keep merging data in every scarpping
refer below which is having exact scenario like mentioned.
Rera Number (12.1 KB)

Hi @famastyle

When you activate the Next page you have indicate the next page button right.
Then indicate the next button, uncheck the fuzzy selector and image, then the duplicate elements will gone.
Try to give the anchor for this target, indicate the static element as anchor.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @famastyle

=> Take an assign activity and create a variable Count = 1
=> Take while loop to iterate for 5 times because there are 5 pages. (Count<6)
=> Inside while loop place extract datatable activity to extract the table data.
=> After Extract datatable activity place the Click activity.
=> Indicate the second page button and uncheck the fuzzy and image, check the strict selectors
in the selector option window (The window will appear when indicating the element).
=> Open the strict selectors of click activity in the properties, select the aaname attribute in the
Ui explorer window.
=> Pass the count variable in the aaname attribute value and validate.
=> After click activity use assign activity to increment the Count (Count = Count+1).

Check the below image to select the attribute in UI explorer window.

Check the below workflow for better understanding.

Change the properties of extract datatable activity by check the Append results option.

Hope it helps!!

Thank so much for your answer!

I saw video… and set a new test project with NO Modern Design Experience and it seems to be good;

The main difference is that when I select “next buttton” on screen I success in selection of “symbol >” and not the entire button;
I’m unable to do this in Extract Table Data.

Actually I’m not able to copy this selection mode on my project where I set everything to write a Data.xlsx file.

Is it possible to attach here my file project?

Thank so much for your answer :slight_smile:
I don’t understand very well…

If I select “next 5 pages” button How can I analyze page between 1 and 5?


Please attach the file project

Hey thank you for answer! Really kind of you…

I tried… and… it works… a bit
Seems that problem is that the position on screen of Next button is variable;
I tried to add 3 anchors:

  • button 1
  • button “last page”
  • footer area

I fexed as limit 5 pages… but I gave as results only 2 pages of data :frowning:

Do you suggest to try other kind of anchors?

Thank… How can I do this?

a zip file of the entire directory “Project Name”?


Clicking this you are able to put your zip file from your local drive

Sorry but I’m new user… Attacching file is forbidden due to forum rules


Could you check the above reply it will help you to sort out your problem.

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As I said I’m a really new user… I really need a step by step explanation… sorry for this;
If can ask…

could you tell me where can I put what you suggest?

This is the project
project Famastyle

Here it is

project Famastyle

I am not able to access the link that you provided in the above reply. @famastyle

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I am not able to access the link that you provided in the above reply

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and this? @rlgandu @mkankatala