How to convert Outlook mail to pdf file

My requirement is convert outlook mail to pdf file. I don’t know any uipath specific process to convert outlook mail to Pdf File

Hi @pankajs3

Use save mail attachment activity and use path and save it .pdf or Tiff format


Same Mail Attachment Activity will save only attachment only. but i want whole Outlook email convert into pdf file.


  1. use Save Mail Message Activity to save the mail.

  2. And then open that mail and send Hot key Ctrl+P

  3. Then do save as PDF.

@lakshman i don’t need this way to convert email to pdf file.
i want to use uipath activities.

Make use of Package shown below


Try with this XAML file which saves emails to “D:\savemails”(create folder as required) and it even creates respective html file. Check and let me know if this helps. saveEmailPDF.xaml (6.1 KB)

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This process is creating some extra file like “.eml" and ".html”. but i need only pdf file.

I am not sure of you getting direct way of doing this. You may just need to delete these unwanted files once task is done.

This works well, but the pdf is plain text. Do you have a solution, if the output should be same as a printed email without using GUIs?

For that convert Pdf file to Html file then you have html design data format.

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I am getting the below error while using this xaml : "Could not find type ‘MailActivities.ReadSavedEmailToPDF’ in assembly ‘MailActivities’. Row: 75, Column: 14 " i searched everywhere but there is no such package /activity in 2019.10.2 version. can anyone help me with this ?

Try Softaken EML to PDF Converter