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I have a process that will be running a mail merge. Rather than “Print Documents…” I will need to save each individually as a PDF. I know how to do this manually, step through each recipient and “Save As… PDF”. However this is very time consuming even for an RPA process.

Has anyone ever automated a process like this?

you can select multiple at the same time… then if print works, better, but can also save as text and after merge.

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@Jarzzz - I have done the same thing but it is lengthy.

  1. Save the mails in .eml format or .oft in some folder.
  2. then iterate through very mail and perform the action like save as pdf using bot for all the files and store in another folder.
  3. Then merge all the pdf using JoinPDF activity. Here is the link.

Hope it will help you.


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hope this would help you

CHeers @Jarzzz

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Thank you for the comments! Not what I’m looking for just yet…

@bcorrea - I haven’t tried this but am a bit hesitant as the Mail Merge Documents i am dealing iwht are approved by mangers and legal. Any alteration would require a lot of red tape.

@anmolk171 @Palaniyappan - I’m attempting to create PDF from a Microsoft Word Document Template with Mail Merge Fields using an Excel Document with said Mail Merge Fields as a Recipient List.

At the moment there are some new Scope Items being added and this portion of the Mail Merge may be changed.

Thank you @bcorrea @Palaniyappan @anmolk171 for your input!

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