Download email message in pdf format


I am trying to save emails in pdf format using the “Save Mail Message” activity. My problem is that it saves the file in an unknown format which I can’t open. I tried adding the .pdf extension to the file when saving, but it will not open.
How can I open the file? And is there a way to save emails in pdf format using UiPath activities?

Thank you,

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Hi Catalin
You can follow the below steps

  1. Save all mails in .txt format. With save Attachment.
    2)Use Word Application Scope and pass that .txt file in FilePath.
    3)Use Export to PDF activity.

Note: It takes time to write .PDF files…


Sorry to bring this on again, were you able to get this done. can you share your xaml file? I’ll be more than happy to help.


I’m facing the same problem but I found a solution: use “Save Mail Message” activity, and insert in the first field “MAIL” (which is the variable name of “Output” property in “Get IMAP mail messages” activity - that I use before saving email to get email from account) and in the second field of “Save Mail Message” insert MyEmail.eml".

To me, UIPath save the email in the correct format.

Ciao and hope it works!