How to convert Image file into datatable

i have an image.jpg file which consists of table having rows and columns as any usual table .i want the items of that table in the excel . how can i achieve that ?

You can try using the newly implemented computer vision activities:

ok i shall try that, any suggestions for converting that into datatable ?

That activity will return the extracted table as a datatable type variable.
See more here :

when i am using the image.jpg file in cv scope and trying to extract the datatable then i am getting the selector error : Computer Vision: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

i have used load image activity before using the cv screen scope. please let me know what needs to be done in this scenario.

i am not finding any success with regards to the above mentioned suggestions. when the image is opened then only cv screen scope is working else it is throwing the above selector error and even with when letting image file open then also i am not getting the values properly . i have tried modifying the scale value also ,but not getting proper results. It will be really helpful if anyone post a sample solution on the above question.

i want the image to be converted into datatable.

any suggestions @ClaytonM @Palaniyappan @aksh1yadav . please help if any suggestions are there.

First thing is you can use a dictionary to store an image type variable, and I’m not sure how you could do this using a DataTable. However, it sounds like you are trying to insert the image into a spreadsheet…

So, to insert the image to a spreadsheet, you need to follow a few steps:

  • calculate cell range to insert image - use the index value in the ForEach for the row number and use Convert.ToChar(65 + dt1.Columns.IndexOf(columnName)) to find column letter
  • select cell - there’s an activity that does this
  • resize cell to dimensions to fit image - use TypeInto with alt-keys, “[k(ralt)]hoh70[k(enter)]” and “[k(ralt)]how13[k(enter)]”
  • insert image - use TypeInto with alt-keys, “[k(ralt)]np”, then type in filepath to image and click Insert
  • resize image - use TypeInto with alt-keys, “[k(ralt)jph1[k(enter)]”
  • go to next row, to continue loop

Sometimes the timing with TypeIntos will need to be adjusted in Excel to ensure consistency.

If there is a better way, I’d like to hear it too.


Note: this was the solution from 2-3 years ago, so I don’t know if there might be some activity packages that help with this.

I may have misunderstood.

If you want to extract the table from an image, only way I know of is to use an OCR engine. From my understanding, UiPath doesn’t do OCR well for structured data, so you might need to use a Flexicapture (there should be an Abby package for this, however it requires a subscription I believe)

This is my image .i want this in the form of datatable.

Are you not able to get the raw table from its source, rather than an image?

i am getting this image only from the source which is outlook. i have to somehow convert this image into datatable.For security purpose i am removing the image . Hope you got to know my problem. When i am using microsoft or google ocr i am not able to get the texts from the image properly.