Table data extraction from image file

How to extract table data/items from an image file and write in excel? (without DU)

Hope this helps:

Thank you for the help, but I don’t know python so it won’t be of much help.

I am trying to do it on UiPath.

@Palaniyappan , @Lahiru.Fernando , @loginerror please help me with any suggestion on how to achieve this.

that’s a copy and paste. UiPath has an execute python code activity.

Or you can use the bot to open CMD and run the Python code. might take you a bit of googling and figuring stuff but it’s worth it.


While waiting for help, browse through the below and see if it helps:

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I appreciate your help @SenzoD, but this is not one time thing, so i have to do it the way in which I can explain or can help with project more.

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If the table structure is always the same, I would recommend to use an OCR engine to get the text and then with Regex, manipulate the text, such that to split it in rows and then in columns.

The problem is I am not getting proper text from OCR, I used tesseract OCR

You can try different OCR engines, and play with the Scale property, to obtain better results.
There are also available cloud trial versions for others, like Microsoft, Abbyy if the free ones do not deliver the expected results.

Hi @SenzoD ,

Thanks for the script. Just wanted to confirm, is this a generic one or for a sepcific table type ?

please advise, thanks in advance. :grinning: