Value of type 'System.Data.DataTable' cannot be converted to 'UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication'

Hey, Please help me. I am trying to read the XL file and storing the value in the variable. But it reflect this error
"Value of type ‘System.Data.DataTable’ cannot be converted to ‘UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication’.

Hey @Arooshi, Your DataTable variable should be output of Read Range activity which is inside Excel Application Scope. Are your capturing the output of Excel Application Scope by mistake?

Rammohan B.

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Thanks for reply. Can you tell me how to do below mentioned workflow:

I have created XL with three coloumn namely
CashIn, On Us Check , Not On Us Check.
All these three coloumn has say six rows.
I want to put the value of each row of column in the window application.

example : CashIn: Typeitno:123 : OnUsCHeck: TyeInto :545 n same for third one and click the Accept button.
Now, Again put in the value but this time from the second row, then third and so on?

I can do this with get row item activity, but I want to do with for each.
and I don’t know how to put these value and iterate to next row.
For putting value in the application , I am using desktop recording. And I want that in TypeInto Activity I put variable in the text column so that it fetch the value of the row of each column!

This is 1.) Reading the XL file .


2.) For each item in DT (Stored the XL file in this variable )


3.) Recording sequence ,where I want to put in data.
And I want to know in Text Column of TypeInto activity , I put the column Name , But it didn;t fetch any of the column’s row value, and its wasn’t printing anything, and after iterating all the loops execution was ended.

Hey @Arooshi

I guess you have create a Datatable output Varibale in an excel application scope property by mistake :slight_smile:

For your assistance you can see the attached sample:- Arooshi (8.8 KB)

Note:- Application should be open at the time of run.


Thanks! Aksh. I got the solution.

can you how I will do the same. If i have to fill the details ,in online web forms,which after submitting one page ,next page changes with the sequence.
example: on 1st page I have to summit say
First Name
last Name
now when i click submit i have It will reload to next page with is sequcne
Last Name
First name n same for third page?
I Guess we will use the anchor?

Hey @Arooshi

Yeah…!! .

for your reference - 1. RPA Challenge - Dynamic Web Page - Anchor - #12

Note:- From next time, please do not mix up thread post. if your question will be different then better to create a different post with different Title instead of post in a different title.


sure. Thanks

Thank you

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