How to connect UiPath Studio(Server) with Client Machines Using Remote Desktop

In server machine we install UiPath Studio and In Client machine we installed the Application and we want to access server to the Client Using Remote Desktop


please follow the guide in order to install correclty the RemoteRuntime component and the extension
About UiPath Remote Runtime

Regardless to where Studio is installed, it is acting as the Client or Source, where the “Client” machine with the targeted Application would be the Server or Destination.

You have a couple options

  • Install UiPath Robot in the Destination as a Service and kick off the process locally to the Destination Service or via Orchestrator.
  • Install UiPath Remote Runtime as @stefano_negro mentioned (This sends the UI Selector data over an RDP connection) and is ideal where you are unable to install the Robot directly.
  • If your Destination host is old and can’t support Robot or Remote Runtime, you could use Computer Vision with RDP.
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