UiPath Remote RunTime Setup

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run an automation from the orchestrator in one of our servers, however that automation must connect to an RDP to perform some actions.

I’ve installed the remote runtime plugin in both machines, the server where the orchestrator sends the command to run and the machine where the application to be manipulated is. The runtime is installed on both and running in the taskscheduler as requested in the documentation.

When I run it from the studio in my computer it works fine, however when I sent it over the orchestrator to run in the server it throws the error: Open Application: UiPath Windows Remote Desktop Extension not installed.

There’s any configuration that I’m missing or there’s any other component that I need to install that I’m not aware of?

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Hey @Tiago_Pernes

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Can you please check below link from UiPath.

Hello @shreyash_shirbhate

I’ve installed the Remote Runtime according to that page in both machines, the one where the automation is going to run and the one that has the application I need to manipulate.

My questions is there’s any other thing I should install or it’s just the plugin in both machines?

The error that is throwing is that isn’t installed, when it is.

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I am going through the same issue. did you find out a resolution.

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