Microsoft Remote Desktop and Apps

Hi All,

I’m trying to create bot to access another remote environment (RDP) and it displays this information.

I can’t install it, I tried to follow these steps but without success Extension for Microsoft Remote Desktop and Apps

Can anybody help me?


when you say you can’t install it, are you saying you aren’t able to install Remote Runtime on the destination server you want to connect?

I believe it’s not possible if Remote Runtime is not installed, if you have access you can try for computer vision activities.

@rahulsharma i believe is an extension / plugin

Actually, I just need to click “OK” in the remote environment.

I tried to do this, but didn’t work!

so there’s no remote runtime installed on the destination server?

You need to install the remote runtime extension on your machine and install remote runtime component on destination server. These two works together to let UiPath studio interact with the remote server.

Below is the required documentation you need