How to click the right mouse button

Hi all, I have a question. I have a web page operation, I need choose one row by click left mouse button, and then click the right mouse button , but when I click the right mouse button , the record will be paused, actually , when I click the right mouse button, the web page will alert a new little web window, and I need choose one row.

Summary: how to click the right mouse button ,because when I click the right mouse button, the “Record” will be paused

@messitao Follow this link

@indra Thanks for your reply

I have tried that and failed.

I can click F2 then click the right mouse button, the new little web popup can display, but after 3s, I can’t catch the item of new popup

I have read the source code of the web from .I found the new web popup is create like this “oPopupMenu = window.createPopup();”. I found this code just work in IE browser.

is it the UiPath can’t catch the popup?

Keep recording and click the left mouse button. After you have completed the recording, browse through Click’s Properties and change it right mouse button click from MouseButton drop down. Refer attached image.clickIssue|251x487

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@balaji Thanks for your reply

I do something like you told.

Now, I check the element which I click. then I get the position of element, then I set the mouse position by that. and then click.

I can suceess click which I want in my PC

but I worry about it will not work when I change the computer, because the resolution is diffrent

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Develop your workflow in such a way that it can handle Screen changes. Change the settings of Screen Resolution of Target System from C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.settings file

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It did not work for me. Can you advise something without recording?

this is work. but why need to do this?
it so troublesome for recording.
got any purpose to do this way?
very funny

UI Path recorder should stop recording on ESC button click, Instead of right click. Its very troublesome that UI Path recorder stop recording on right click. UI path developers should know that users also need to record right click activity.