To record the pop up windows

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i am trying to use Desktop recording to record the process of mapping shared folder to user profile.

Kindly advise how can i record the click action of “map network drive”.

Once i right click on the folder, then it pops up the windows, but when i want to use click activity, the windows disappear.


Hi @eelin
Press F2 while trying to select the element with click activity, where you will be given 3 seconds of pause, mean while right click on it and once the 3 seconds gets over you will getting back to select the element with click activity
now we can click the term from right click we want
Cheers @eelin

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Is there any other way to record the right click mouse action?

As i tried to record the process, sometimes it works , sometimes it is not.

When i am trying to right click on the printer, and set for the default and configure using the user ID.

It ends up as per below.

Wrong one

Correct one

Kindly advise.

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Yah of course in click activity itself we got a property to choose click right in the property panel of click activity
The property name is Mouse Button where choose Right in the drop down
That would make a right click
Hope this would help you
Cheers @eelin