How to use right mouse button during Web Recording

Dear Team,
I started to record activities on a web page and have to press the right mouse button. The recording got stopped.
How can I configure recording right mouse button clicks ?
Best Regards, Gerd

@gerhard.dotzler - welcome to community!
you can use the Click activity… go to properties → choose the MouseButton → btn_right

Thanks for the quick reply, I have seen the activity and tied to insert that after saving the recording but was not successful. I would prefer to use right mouse button events during automated recording (multible activites at onces)
Can I configure this ?

Hi @gerhard.dotzler,

Welcome to uipath Community.

If there are actions you want to perform after right click without breaking the Automation.

You can Press F2 during recording - This will pause the Recording for 3 seconds - Then you can use right click and Proceed further.


Dear Mukesh,
Press F2 does pause the recording. And right click was possible and I could continue with recording. But the right click got not recorded. The run of the test stopped at that state.
How can I records right clicks within recording ?