How to right-click and select an option from context menu?

I cannot find in the documentation how to record a right+select option using the recorder. The documentation provides no information about this basic step.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. Open Desktop Recorder.

  2. Perform Right Click.

  3. Select “element → mouse → Right Click”

  4. Hit escape

  5. Perform Right Click and Select and option from the context menu.

  6. Hit escape.

  7. I get an error saying “failed to record”.

So how do you record context menu operations??


Hello @Max_ML,

Hope this could help you:

Try to use F2 – pauses for 3 seconds. A countdown timer is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Can be useful with menus that automatically hide.



Just add the click activity with following right click selection.



Thanks. Sorry to pester, but I am still unclear.

So do I have to:

  1. Start Recording

  2. Left click

  3. Hit Escape

  4. Got to properties → change to BTN_RIGHT

  5. Resume Recording

  6. Hit F2

  7. Right click.

  8. Select the option from the context menu.

  9. End recording.

This seems like a lot of steps for a basic operation, so maybe I am not understanding something.

Out of curiosity, what do the “click” and “element” menus in the recorder do? I tried using them, and they seem to do nothing.

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SOLVED. You just use element → Mouse → Right Click.

Then you just do a left click on the element you desire. The left-click acts as a right-click when you are recording the “Right Click” Mouse element. Then you have to do the F2 thing to get a chance to bring up the context menu, as you said.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Max, I followed the steps in this thread but it’s not working for me. I’m trying to automate a MS Excel file link and use right click, select Save as from context menu. My sequence returns error indicating it cannot find the context menu. I used F2 to pause to display the context menu then select Save as. Any ideas? Thanks.

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How could I select the any element on the given image and right click on it?

Hi, I am able to implement the Right Click and ‘Save Target As’ workflow on a website (UiPath 2018.1.3) and it works in attended mode but fails on Attach Window activity () when remote desktop session is minimized (in other words in unattended mode). Can you please suggest if this can be achieved in unattended mode or not? If yes, what do I need to make it work in unattended mode?