How to click the first row of the table?

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I am trying to search an email id and click the first row of the search result. I wanted to click the below highlighted yellow word.

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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. First use a TYPE INTO activity to type in the email I’d in the search bar

  2. Then use a
    normal click activity but with aaname in wildcard

Cheers @Poosaimani_Seenivasagam

I tried but its working whatever word I am indicating in the click activity.
For example : If i indicate atester in click activity, Whatever email i search, its taking only atester

Can we see the selector
Where include aaname with wildcard and I’d with value 1 or 0
Include The attribute table row

Cheers @Poosaimani_Seenivasagam

we would suggest to handle also empty result
You can use tablerow=‘1’ within the selector and make generic the click on WIAM item

But when we do a generic selector we will avoid constructs like aaname=’*’ as this will not add any value to our selector and can also be ommited

in some rare cases we also can work with the idx=‘1’ but then you would relaible cross check for side effect, so better not to use in case of you have less experience with selectors

Maybe you can share some screenshot from the element structure (e.g. Browser F12 Webtools) so we can check for more details on the selector strategy like table/first row/first td/a …

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Before :

I changed it to :

It worked :slight_smile: Thanks to both of you.

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Open Ui Explorer and click the WIAM value ATester. Then post the selector it gives you plus a screenshot of Ui Explorer so we can see other available properties.

However, your process of searching then clicking the item may not be necessary at all. When you do this manually and click ATester does it take you to a web page showing details of ATester?

If so, what’s the URL? It’s possibly that you can just browse directly to the ATester details page by dynamic URL.

Glad @Poosaimani_Seenivasagam

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