Select of rows


Anyone can this issue,how to select one after another


Use Click activity and indicate the first row element from the table and share us screenshot of the selector. So that we can check and help you.


  • First Use data scraping to get the table data
  • Now, indicate the first cell (first name)using click activity(I hope if we click on the first cell the entire row get selected)
  • Open the selector in UiExplorer and make sure it has aaname
  • Use for each current row activity, within that loop keep click activity, pass the first name retrieved from the data table to aaname in the selector of click activity

Follow the below video on how to do data scraping

Data Scarping

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Thank you for answering my Question.
I already tried but its not Work.
So,If you Don’t mind will you please share your zoom id will connect at once to resolve my problem related to above my question.

I know Datascraping well.But here i am facing how to click one row after another row.

Hi @nanibhanup_660

Open the uiexplorer and check whether there is any attribute having cell value ?

@nanibhanup_660 Share your zoom id. Will connect on this

@nanibhanup_660 It looks like you indicated header row. Indicate first row not the header and see is there aaname in the selector with values as Anne