Select highlighted row in list

I have a java web app where the user types in the search text, clicks search and then a list of results is shown with the matching one highlighted and the user then clicks on that row to select it. I’ve got UiPath to do the first two parts but I can’t get it to recognize which row in the results is highlighted so it can then click it. I can’t just send an enter hotkey as the focus is not the results list. Can anyone tell me what I need to do so it clicks on the highlighted row?

Use find element to check the highlighted element and pass the highlighted element class (or) aaname in the selector of click activity @Andy1

Thanks, but the aaname is the result text shown on the screen, but until the search is done I don’t know what that is, hence I cant use that. The element id can change each time the application is run so I can’t see a way to use that.

Every highlighted element will have an additional css class/attribute value added to get the highlight style. Use UiExplorer to check this. Retrieve the element by find element or use find children to add parent element reference and put the element reference in click activity.

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