Bringing the each row to the blank and search it and click anycontents

Hi, i tried collect the eamil address of the shops in the page

I have the list of the shop name.

so i bring the name in a sequence by using for each row activity
and click, click then i can see certain content of the shop including its email address.

but i gave up scrapping the email address only, so i scrapped all words in it.

after write CSV this thing, the automation searched the second shop in the list and stopped.
it never click the content of the second shop.

how could i resolve this one?

plz help…ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Click activity selector should be dynamic and then only it will work. Can you please show the screenshot of the Click activity.

Hello @user6,

Maybe, as @lakshman says it is a dynamic selector. Use UI to see the characteristics of the selector. Sometimes, replacing a number by * works. Please, share a screenshot of the selector to see how we can handle this.

Hello @user6

You shall use Data Scraping to fetch the required elements and store’
em in a Datatable (Say dT1).

For Each Row in dT1

  1. Click the Element Required - Make sure the Selector is dynamic.
    To ensure this, you shall pass the unique column value in the element fetched to the aaname or innertext of the selector tag.

Example : If your email Id is unique, pass the value CurrentRow.item(“emailId”).ToString to the selector

This will help you to loop through all the rows in the Datatable.

Hope this helps.