How to click top link in the table data from web



I i need to select(click) first link in the table from the web, I used Web scrapping and click image activity both options not working , Please suggest me good solution.
Please click on the below link to open the image,(I want to select first business link )
[delect top link]


Did you try with UiExplorer to get the selector for your first row in the table. If the first row is the one which you always wanted to click then you can user ‘tableRow’ property for your selector. Then you can use this selector for your click activity to click on that row.

Let me know if that works,
Rammohan B.


@rakeshadn Without accessing the page, I don’t think i will be able to provide you a workflow. Anyhow since you only want to click on that first page ‘Click’ activity should be enough for you. You should have a proper selector for it basically.

Did you try to indicate the first row using UiExplorer? It should generate a selector for you which you can use for your click activity.

Let me know if that helps. Else provide an sceenshot of the selector that you see when you indicate that row.

Rammohan B.


@rakeshadn Is this the duplicate of this thread?


Hi Guys, Even I am in the same page. I need to click a link from a webtable. After a filter and search i got only one row in a table and where i need to click on a link which is a number say"00123" . Kindly help me to achieve this.


Did you try to indicate the first row using UiExplorer? It should generate a selector for you which you can use for your click activity.

Basically make sure that your selector is dynamic enough to handle any other results as well in the webtable. You may have to change the selectors a bit like removing aaname property and adding row related properties.

Let me know if that helps,

Rammohan B.


Hi Rammohan…Thanks a lot I achieved that using UiExplorer.
Have another doubt is there any validation or verification that we can do on a particular value(I mean the result validation). Any specific activity? or any method? your reply would be appreciated…


What kind of validation you want to perform?

Rammohan B.


After few actions I just want to validate the screen validations, ex Customer name…DOB. SSN etc…So how do we perform this.
New Question for Today: 1. As like UFT(ATP) can we integrate all the tests to any of the test management tools like HP ALM , etc… How do we maintain our tests, packages(many tests). Please share your idea.
2. How to create reusable components. ex. Login Function and where to store that…

I am basically a UFT tester and working on HP BPT… Trying to understand if UI path supports most of the function from UFT.


Can’t you achieve this using a simple If condition? I believe for each of those you may have to get it from a source, store it into sonme variables and perform if on top of the data from the screen with the one from the variables. Let me know if thats not what you mean.

Not sure i never worked with UFT, however UiPath surely has all the capabilities of an automation tool and provides many more features that a test automation tool may not be able to do. It all depends on how intelligent you design your framework to achieve it as an automation tool.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any direct way of integrating UiPath with HP ALM or other tools. May be you may have to look for a workaround to achieve that.

For maintaining the tests cases, again this can be achieved in different possible ways. You may just have to evolve your testing process around.

Couple of ways i see to achieve this:

  • You can divide your test cases into different modules where each modules will be an individual process/packages containing all the test cases that you want to test. Doing this you can execute all the test cases associated to your particular modules as and when you need.

  • You can have all your workflows into a single packages and a config file that only invokes the process that may have been indicated to execute in your config file. Like an excel file that may have list of all the testcases(i…e independent xaml file) and invoke only the xaml that has ‘Yes’ in the next coloumn indicating that it has to be run.

  • You can also achieve the above one by pushing all the details of the test cases that has to be run to Queues in orchestrator and then running it from the orchestrator itself.

I only problem that i see here is the cost involved with UiPath licenses. If your are doing this into a small scale and are happy to utilize community edition then nothing wrong in doing a poc and see how it fits for you.

You can store all your reusable components/xaml files into library folder available where uipath is installed.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


This method was very useful.