How to click on the first item with dynamic name in a website table

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to solve an issue in the Studio for a while now.

The screenshot below shows a list of clickable zip files. My task is to always click on the first link (the most recent one). The name of the link, however, is always different.

Can someone please help? Similar posts in the forum didn’t help me, I probably need beginner friendly instructions. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

@Elena_Scha Welcome to Community!

Go to UiExplorer indicate item and take row number row-column into the selector attribute

Refer below
UiPath Explorer.

@Pravin_Patil1 Thank you for your help.

I used the UiPath Explorer to define my selector (I checked the boxes for row and column number and deselected the name box). See screenshot below.

But what do I do with it now? When I use the click activity (to click on the first link) I can’t edit the selector. Which activity do I need to use that can connect with the Explorer and select the first row?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Elena
If I good understand that should be enough. If tableCol=‘3’ tableRow=‘2’ are navigates on the first row and you unchecked the name now the robot should always takes first .zip file.


Alright! You just have to copy the selector you have shown on the above screen and paste(Replace) it into the Click activity selectors.

Follow the below steps.

  1. Take click activity

  2. Indicate on the element you want to click

  3. Go to the selector(See in screenshot below)

  4. It will take you to the below screen where you have to replace it with one from explorer and click ok

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