How to type into windows explorer windows?

Hello, anybody knows which command/activity can be used to type into the highlighted red box?

Million thanks~


Use Type Into activity and check Empty Field option and then try.

Other alternative is to use send hot key activity and pass win + r and then use Type Into activity and provide that path.

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In Default mode, Can you try to set ClickBeforeTyping property true.


Hi, I’m refreshing this old post. I had the same challenge, I could not find a good way to type the file path and file name, because of the interactive address bar. win10-fileexplorer-addrbarcontent
In most cases, the location of the folder might change, based on the user selection, and we can’t control that, so the only solution is to type the full address. But the selector for typing the address is exactly the same as for the first “interactive folder”. On one of the forum threads (unfortunately I can’t find the link anymore) someone mention to click on the little arrow on the right, that way type mode is activated.
That worked on my studio, but when I migrated to Attended robot, it did not work, even though the selectors were valid.
After long research I finally found out that the address bar has a right click menu item “Edit address” and that solved my problem.

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It is a good solution indeed, thx for posting :slight_smile:

we did yesterday with the empty field approach and enter key code

It’s not working for me, I think I’m maybe missing something. I’ve added a right click on the field, a click on “Edit address” and a Type into activity that is supposed to insert the path, but instead of it, the previous path reappear on the field. :’(

Okey, it finally worked but doing a bit different. Instead of performing right click on the bar, click on “Edit address” and after a Type into I’ve done:

  • Click on the arrow on the right of the field.
  • Type into tha field (with the “EmptyField” option checked and a [k(enter)] after the path)

See screenshot:

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just as the user ppr pointed above as his choice. Good that you got it working! :slight_smile:

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