How to click on single required record in Data Grid?

Hi All,

I am working on the Desktop application in which i need to click on particular record.
That Grid has almost 1000 record i am stuck on it.
Logic i used as below steps-

  1. Used do while in which i place condition counter = 0
  2. Scrolling data in Grid by using hot keys pgdown.
  3. Used Element exist for the required data selector but it when Grid scroll down it consider data which come first as element exist and not able to reach my particular record selector.

Please Help.

Hi @gaurav_rpa,

Can you click on one record in the data grid using UiPath Explorer and post the selector here?

Using Hot Keys is a solution, but not if you can resolve the problem by generating a selector.

Thanks @AndyMenon.
Here is the below selector as per UiExplorer:


Sorry @AndyMenon,
I forgot to mention selector but the good thing is I was able to resolve that.:blush: