How to click inside a data grid in Desktop application


I am trying to click a link which is inside a data grid in desktop application. I used the Click Activity. From UI Explorer i can see that only Grid is selected and not the actual cell.

Is there any activity available to click inside the datagrid based on the variables?

I am trying to click on MyGoc Correspondence 2020 in the below grid.

Let me know if you need more details.


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Once try with Click Text and pass required text to you want to click on that.

Hi, how did you solve the problem? Having sort of the same problem right now :frowning:

Hello @MTS ,

As mentioned in the another post, plz explain your requirement with screenshots. Then we can help you to find a solution…

Mostly you will have to use the dynamic selectors to achieve this. but better if you can give some insights to your problem.

Hi @MTS ,

I ended up using image click event.