HELP: Click image does not work


I had a BIG problem, i’m using “click image” on to get a window and scrape it, the click image work fine but the i can’t scrape the window:

test20.xaml (178.7 KB)

If it is a table , you can scrap it by data scraping. It will work fine.

Please use Data Scraping wizard to get the tabular data from the applications.

it does not work for me:

Is it a DataGrid in desktop application?

could you plz tell me what you mean about datagrid?

Data Grid: A data grid is an architecture or set of services that gives individuals or groups of users the ability to access, modify and transfer extremely large amounts of geographically distributed data for research purposes.

Currently UIPath doesn’t support data scraping wizard for data grid.

In this case you have to use the UIExplorer and extract the data by modifying the selectors.

Karthik Byggari

can you elaborate more please

In simple terms, data grid is similar to tabular format but uipath data scraping wizard won’t work with data grids.

So using UIExplorer, find the selector for the first cell in the table. Make the row and column numbers dynamic in the selector (use variables in selectors to increase row number and column number) and extract the data table.

Here you have to manually build the data table by adding rows.

Karthik Byggari

Check if you have any option to export or download the data.

Or else use the below logic.

  • Use get text and read all the data in table.
  • Use Generate Datatable activity to convert string to datatable
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