Unable to scrape the data till the end of data grid using Data Scraping

Hello folks,

I am using Data Scraping on data grid to dump all the records to excel. Data would be changing dynamically. It is copying only 50 records to excel. I don’t have any spanning pages like 1,2,3 etc. It is in single continuous page without any next button.

I don’t have any keyboard shortcuts to use hotkey like pg down. I am not getting any option like “loading data” in the end of pipeline to use “Image Exists” option with end hotkey. It would very helpful If anyone can provide the solution for this critical issue.

Thanks in advance!!

Can you provide some Screen Shots along with screen shot of currently Automation flow…?
Also, when you state that it is copying only 50 records to Excel, exactly what does that mean or imply?
Does it mean that the RPA is reading more than 50 records, but only 50 are being persisted in Excel?
Or does it mean that it is only read 50 records out of XXX and therefore only persisting the 1st 50 that it is reading?