Data sacraping

I can’t choose the selector on the right bar.

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Screenshot of what exactly?

Are you not able to get the selector in ui explorer?

No, i can,t indicate this selector


If it’s a web application make sure you have installed corresponding browser extension
Say if you are using chrome browser then install chrome extension from UiPath Studio → File → Tools and install extension

Only then you will be able to highlight individual element u want


If it’s a desktop application try with different UIFRAMEWORK methods
Open studio → Design tab → UI Explorer and click on UI Framework option in it

Try with different methods you have there like default, active accessibility and try indicating the element


If none of them works then try with COMPUTER VISION activity

Search computer vision in activity panel and try to use those activities
Cheers @Lak_Ui

Hello @alexis.mendoza

I hope this is the condinuation to the another post regard the datascrapping.
You can try the alternate options.

send hotkey to go to the last. CTRL+END

Also the mouse scroll.
(Mouse Scroll)