How to Change Email address used to login in Uipath Forum (SSO) and UIpath Connect

Hi Folks,

I need to change my email address in UIPATH academy, Forum, Connect and I have changed my Primary email address in Academy

But it seems that I can’t change the email address in UIPath Forum Associated Accounts and UiPath SSO. while I am trying to change new mail address in the forum and I’m getting a change request link and confirmation mail in the new updated mail address after click that link the redirected page keep on reloading, I am not able to change mail address. In the forum, all my track records are available in the current email address, please suggest how to maintain the forum track records with new (Update) email address.

The same how to change the UIPATH CONNECT existing email address with a new email address.

Could you please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks, in advance.

Hi @Parthiban.VD

Let’s take it one by one :slight_smile:

First - the UiPath SSO comes from an account on The same account is directly used on our

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the email of that account yet (so you cannot change it on either nor

However, the good news is that there are some workarounds.

  1. If you want to keep using the same Cloud Platform account, you can invite your other email to be an administrator of both Cloud Platform as well as your Orchestrator instance.
    This way you can get access to your old resources without the need to copy everything over to your new account.
    See how to manage your accounts here:

  2. For, you would need to create a new account. As long as you did not publish any components on the Marketplace, the good news is that otherwise your Connect account will fetch data from other platforms (mainly, Forum, Academy and old Certification), so even your fresh account will sync everything nicely.

  3. And this brings us to the other platforms that work a bit differently, in the way that they do allow you to change the email.
    Basically, for these three platforms (Forum, Academy and old Certification), you can authenticate with your UiPath SSO account and as long as the email of that UiPath SSO account matches the one on the site you are logging in to, it will log you in to the correct user.

    3a. Changing your Forum email
    You can change the email of your account in your user preferences.
    This will only work out-of-the-box if your second email is not already associated with another UiPath SSO account on our Forum (this could have happened if you have previously made a new user with your other email on the Forum).
    For those situations, please contact us at @Forum_Staff and we will either remove the other Forum user or remove the association to the UiPath SSO account for the other email.

    3b. Changing your Academy email
    You can change the email in your Academy user preferences.
    In case you encounter any issues, please contact our Academy Support.

    3c. Changing your old Certification platform email
    For that, you will have to ask our Academy Support.

I’ll put this as FAQ soon as it is obviously a big pain point in working with our different platforms. I just want to first verify everything I wrote here :sweat_smile:

EDIT. I wrote the guide, it’s here:

I’ve just tested the flow to change to Forum email address and it worked without an issue. It would help if you could contact us at @Forum_Staff and we could discuss your situation in details without sharing any email address publicly :slight_smile: