Can I change my email address used in login to UiPath?

Dear all,

I conducted my e-learning in UiPath Academy and got RPA Developer Advanced Certification.
After that, due to some changes, I changed my email address in Academy and Forum successfully.
But it seems that I can’t change the email address used in login to universal UiPath platform as below image shown:

As you know, this account is used to view my certification document.

How can I change this Email address?
Or if that email-box is not available for me or it doesn’t work, how should I deal with?

Thanks in advance.

I guess it is not possible to change email address associated with your academy portal.

Try raising a support ticket if that possible.

Karthik Byggari

How did you change your email in Academy and Forum?

Contact uipath support team so that they can respond for your issue