How to change email login for uipath forum & academy?

I want to change email login for:

  • uipath forum
  • uipath academy

I know this can’t be achieved.

But if contact uipath support able to do this?
What is uipath email contact support?

Hi @wija

Please have a look at this article:
Forum FAQ - UiPath SSO login for all our services

You should be able to change the Forum email via Forum settings and you should also be able to change your Academy email via the Academy settings, or by contacting our Academy Support here:

I have already successfully changed my forum email login account (but by accidentally, not sure how i do it :joy:)

For academy account, i can’t login anymore cuz stuck at primary email verification (didn’t receive email verification)
I already contacted the academy contact support but no reply at all.

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hi Fredy, I will reply to the ticket. If you want to start using a new username (login email), you need to create a new account with the desired email and then we can merge your 2 accounts. After the progress from the old account is transferred to the new account, the old account is deleted.

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