How to automate remote desktop connection?

Dear Team,

I have a task to automate the RDC. I’m working on Enterprise UiPath Studio. I don’t use the orchestrator.

  1. I have no. server IP address and I have to log in to that server one by one using RDC
  2. Once you login to the server, need to open the computer management => User => user list
  3. Need to check the last login time of each user and group
  4. Disconnect the RDC

Till now,
I’m able to log in to the RDP but unable to click an on-screen element

Kindly help me to find a better and reliable solution for the above task

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Hi vrushali,

Hope you doing great.

To perform any task inside the RDC you need to use Computer Vision activities. Please check this ComputerVision for the same.
Again that will require API and keys to work with that you can get it from the orchestrator.

@AshutoshGupta I have mentioned over there i.e I’m not using an orchestrator. Therefore I’m not going with CV

Once the remote desktop window is open you can use ACTIVATE to active that particular window and then MAXIMIZE it. Later that you can use SEND HOTKEY(do not select any region or selector) to open cmd and then TYPE INTO compmgmt.msc this will open computer management and later you can do the other operations.

If none of this is working then you might need to explore the Native Citrix automation

Hope this helps you. :slight_smile: