How to automate activities in remote desktop RDP?

Good afternoon friends;

One question please, I am trying to automate activities of an app in a remote desktop, I have followed the steps of the following guide:

But I still can’t interact with remote desktop items. In the image I just want to click on the windows icon.

What other things could I try?

Greetings, thank you very much in advance

@Lynx Besides this you can try with image automation (also citrix automation). Please use the video in the below url

when join into the server, you need to use citrix automation. it means image, computer vision, those kind of activities which alow us recognize the elements using images, we are not able to use the normala activities into it


Hi friends;

I have been using these activities, but only installed the Microsoft desktop app

So far it is working correctly, my query is as follows:

Is this the best option?

Yep, it will work as well without any problem, just remember whether you want to migrate it to another environment, you will have to instal the extension.


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