How to Open RDP connection and perform tasks in 2021.10.5

We are using Studio 2021.10.5

Approach 1 . We tried “Use Application/Browser” for RDC window; again for “Windows Security” window ; On the main RDC window, we need to click “Ok” to accept but unable to proceed. Got an errror

Approach 2. We tried different approach “Start Process”, “Type Into”. Got an error on Type Into

How to go about it


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Did we try with send hot keys activity with key as win+r
Which will open the RUN prompt window

Where type in your application exe file path so that it will the. Application for sure

When you are using hot key make sure you are not indicating element

And before that send hot key use a MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity so that the activity performed will be inside the rdp

So sequence of activities involved will be

  1. MAXIMIZE window activity
  2. Send hot key activity with key win+r
  3. Type into activity with exe file path

cheers @BHATTACHARJEE_Natasha

@BHATTACHARJEE_Natasha it looks like you want to automate RDC from your local computer. But, this can’t happen directly with existing UiPath activities

Approach 1 : You can achieve this using Citrix Automation which is a image based automation . Please go through the below link to know how to implement citrix automation

Approach 2 : You can install UiPath extension for the citrix on your local machine . Please go through the below link for more info

For the current scenario the first approach is better since you want to automate few steps

Ok thank you. Going to try approach 1 as I am just learning