Automate in remote desktop

I am using UIPath Community Edition 19.6 to automate a process.
The process is to open remote desktop session and open internet explorer there and type a url and check some parameters in that web page.
As it is a remote desktop, when I am trying to use citrix recording, it asks to install remote runtime environment in the remote desktop which I cannot since the remote desktop belongs to my client where I cannot install anything.
Also if I am trying to click on the link, everytime it tries to click in a different position.
please help if there is any way to automate “open remote desktop session and open internet explorer there and type a url and check some parameters in that web page”

Hi @shreearchita

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So were you able to connect to remote desktop manually…?
Kindly make sure that so then only we can get into automation buddy

–Then, it is always advisable to use Send hot keys activity with key tab and use n number of this activity untill we reach the field or button where we want to type or click and this send hot key is more reliable activity in terms of citrix automation
–Recently there is a development made on this topic called COMPUTER VISION activities with which we would be able to click on the image by selecting it as a individual element
Kindly have a view on it buddy

But before that make sure we are able to get to remote desktop from your local machine through remote desktop connection option in start menu
start -> Remote desktop connection
where we will entering the credentials of the remote desktop user and once after getting to that
we can open browser activity to open internet explorer
we are almost done buddy
Kindly check that and revert back for any query or clarification
Cheers @shreearchita

Hi @shreearchita - Try to install the Computer Vision Package which would help you to automate the Remote Desktop activities.


Hey @shreearchita,

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Citrix automation would only work in case if you have installed the Citrix remote runtime on the target server and the citrix plugin on your own machine.Without these two things in place you would not be able to do the citrix automation.

Now the other choice you are left with image automation which i personally feel a bit complicated and sometimes it does not work the way we expect also we do not have the full control over the target machine and everything is treated as image because of which no selectors will be generated.

If you can get the exception approval to install the citrix remote runtime on the target machine then your life will become much easier and it will be easier task to automate in the remote environment.

Yes, I can open remote desktop from my local machine manually.
Also, I have used click images here but it is not reliable. Can you please suggest any way to implement selectors.
How to install Computer Vision Activities Pack?

How to install Computer Vision Activities Pack?

Hey @shreearchita,

You can install the computer vision from the package manager itself.

How to install citrix remote runtime on the target machine and citrix plugin on my machine?

Citrix Remote runtime you can download from the link given below: