Remote desktop Connection doesn't open after pressing enter

I’m creating a process that would automatically sign in and open remote desktop on my PC.
It runs and enters my credentials, however when it has to click “ok” to sign in.
It clicks ok, but doesn’t sign into Remote desktop.

I’m using a keyboard shortcut to navigate to the “ok” button. It presses it but doesn’t sign in.
(Keyboard shortcut is the best way since OCR click throws a different error)

It shows the last image before exiting the automation.
Any help on how I would be able to sign in through the automation?


Hi NiesonF,
can you please elaborate what you need to do in this VM as there is a more than one way to handle bots on VMs however normal click should work with you normally till RDP session opens and also find below link may help you in logging to machine

I am not logged into VM. I’m trying to create a process that would run and auto-sign me into my remote desktop connection.

So the process would:

  • Open the application
  • enter the credentials
  • connect me to the remote desktop connection.

However, currently, the process enters the PW, and clicks ok, but RDC just does not open. it shows the connecting status but then RDC closes.
The last screen I see before running the process is the image below.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?