How to add an image in a specific place in the word


How to add an image in a specific place in the word document? Let’s say after “xyz” word.

Please help.

Hi @Paulina_x , Welcome to the UiPath forums!

Usually, UiPath word activities can help add images at the end of the word document.

But if you want to add it after a specific word, then you may have to automate your manual actions via the robot. One of the ways we can do this is:

Find/Search Word:
Open page in Word document
Activate the GoTo dialog with Hotkeys CTRL + g
We can use CTRL+f to Find the word directly, but the GoTo dialog is more useful (see note below)


  1. Click Find tab > Mouse click or alt+d hotkey combo
  2. Type in the word
  3. Click Find Next button or alt+f hotkey combo
  4. When the word is found, Word will highlight the entire search snippet and so, if you type anything or hit enter, that word will be changed or even deleted! :open_mouth: To counter that we have to:
  5. Click the Cancel button on the dialog box to close it
  6. Hotkey Right Arrow to clear the highlighting of the word found - the cursor will move right next to the highlighted word
  7. Hotkey enter to move cursor to next line

Note: These steps are valid if the word you want is on the current page. But if you know that it’s on another page, you have to move to that page first. And this is one reason to start with the GoTo dialog so that you can optionally navigate to that page first (using hotkeys and click activities in a manner exemplified above) before executing the Find

Once you have positioned your cursor, the next set of steps are to insert the image.

Insert Image

  • ALT to activate the Ribbon menu
  • n to activate Insert menu
  • p to activate Picture
  • d to activate This Device
  • Type in full path of image in the resulting dialog
  • Click Insert Button

Your image must be inserted after the specified word.

This may not be the only solution, but will definitely help you get started.



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