Add picture in document word

Hello guys, i want to ask.
How can I add images to one specified bookmark location one by one?

I can add images to one folder containing 39 images using activity assign and for each, but the addition runs for 39 images in 1 bookmark. what I want on each bookmark is 1 image not 39 images

Hi @gilang_mandiri ,
You can use dynamic file name of picture and page of word
use for each to paste

Can you provide an example or detailed explanation, sir?

Can you share your file and location you wan to add image
You can see my eg (47.2 KB)

Sorry sir for my late answer. I have a case of adding this image to be in a shape. I’ve tried adding picture, text, and specific. but UiPath cannot detect text that is in a shape. i will share the example file

sorry sir i can’t upload the files. cause im a new user

Can I contact you outside the UiPath community, sir? email or something else. To send examples of the words I mean

@gilang_mandiri Hi,
Check your message, I send my email address to you, you can contact to me