Add picture after a bookmark in word file

Dear All,

Can someone help me place picture below a bookmark in a word file ? I am able to insert table after a bookmark but when I try the same with picture, it always moves to the bottom of the document.

Please help


I am sure you are using the activity word.
maybe your problem occurs because the size of the image is bigger than the available word.
you try to do with a smaller image size

Thanks for your response. yes I am using the latest word activities
Irrespective of the size of the image, it always moves to the bottom of the document…

I have 2 issues

  1. If I use “replace picture” activity, though “Alt Text” for image exists Uipath cannot recognize it
  2. If I use “add picture” activity, I am unable to direct the cursor to the bookmark in the word document.

Please help

can someone help me with the “replace picture” activity in word automation.

The error is : "cannot find image with “Alt Text”.
However, I have set the “Alt Text” for the image in the word document. what could be the issue ? or

I would be glad if someone can tell me how to “add picture” after a bookmark in the document. Since “add picture” does not have any properties to indicate position.

hello anybody , your advise will be appreciated