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My concern is about add image activity.I have checked the UiPath document & in that they mentioned below -

Position - Specifies the position relative to the target element where you want to insert the image. The following options are available: Start - at the start of the document, End - at the end of the document, Before - before the target element, After - after the target element, Replace - the target element is replaced with the image.

My question is if i want to add image in the word document,suppose first i want to add image 1 & then image 2,image 3 then what will be the position of image 1 & image 2 & image 3 from above?

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Hi @I_am_Praj,

You can try the following:

Picture_Files is a type of string array.
For each is a type of string

This way the pictures will come under each other.

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Hello @I_am_Praj
You can check the below video.


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