How to add a picture in a specific position

I have word document and I want to insert an image in specific part of that document
the Add Picture Activity can’t do that because it’s only inserting the image at the end of document.

Insert a dummy picture with alt text and use replace instead of insert:

You can use invoke code to insert image in word document, check this below link for more information @soufianalami05

I have a huge word document who already have screenshots on it I use replace picture to replace these screenshots but in a specific part I have a screenshot that it depends on a condition if (condition > 0) I have to take that screenshot and replace it with the current one on my document and if it’s not there I should add it at that specific position
and if that condition = 0 I have to look for this screenshot and delete it
I hope you can understand I know it’s a bit complicate

I you can show me how to apply this solution it would be great

First you put placeholder images in your document, then you replace them with robot.

I know how to replace pictures but in this case I need to add a new one or delete an image